I never switched sides

I just switched lanes

I got older and realised everybody ain’t built the same

There are just times in life that you have to look away

Some might say you gave up cause they don’t understand your way

Some might be silent but eyeing you in display

Either ways none of them carries your pain

So put a restriction when it come to carrying your gain

Not to point the obvious but that is the point of switching lanes

Life is a bitch and you are riding on her train

Her sisters are mean, you don’t want to get under their veins

By name, they are witch, bitch and snitch

Open your eyes and use your brain a little, you might see what I mean

But were ever there is bad, you would always have good behind the frame

Destiny is something else, it could be as harsh a hurricane

Or it could be as nice as the rain *

Either ways only one could taste as good as a sugar cane

They say peace is often difficult to attain

But on the contrary, I say peace is often difficult to maintain

More…this more problem, which do you refrain

As soon as you open your mouth, they say ‘why do you complain?’

They weigh their life and what they believe is yours and call you inhumane

Those are people that – life is hard to explain

They say “if you can’t beat them join them” that’s a negative say

And thats why I don’t switch sides, I just switch lanes.


*(The irony of a hurricane being advantage to newly contractions and rain being a disaster as destroying them constructions)

-29th April, 2017-

Ahmad Abdul-One

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