In the world of pain

You and i shall gain

No matter the weather, how heavy the rain

You and i shall raise again

No matter the storm, we shall not go astray

Life is a bitch and we are stock on her lane

From beginning to end of each of our days

Its all about how good you can play your game

No matter the negativity that comes your way

A hurricane never stopped at a traffic to take the ‘give way’

You aint built to take the easy way

So man up and accept your faith

Its a war between you and your finish lane

Trade carefully before you fall victim to the destiny of claim

Power is a bitch and she lights up your lane

Destiny is something that comes in the past and in the future came

Triple 6 has always been a number for pain

This world is an evil jungle and its feeding on your name

Which Mofo invented an ID as a means of claim

The politics is real and it blinds your way

You know not of anything about this world..safer to stay on your lane


Ahmad Abdul-One

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