Sometimes i feel like looking up and cry

everything just comes at me so sour

slim chance of hope, i feel the weight so bad

trying to find peace in this evil jungle, its so hard

while hiding behind the pain, its so sad

between you and I the distance is so far

yet you stand in front of me, I’m shielded by the bleeding scars

i can feel my heart beat dying

slowly, its calling for help and crying

looking around i see nothing

but only me on the bed lying

they say talk is cheap, but who’s buying ?

i’d rather say its expensive, cause a lot of people here, lying

i gaze out the window, the stars are shinning

are they up close or far, i guess my brain is trying to tell me something

“look closer”, now my imagination begins running

pictures and images, my vision began spreading

everything i imagine, turns into a picture ‘ alignment of the stars

and there was my FATHER, …………………………………”Hello Son”

“I have been with you all this while, I’m proud of what you have become”

“ehh, little man huh, look at you all grown up, looking like your mum”

‘(smiling) They say i look like you, am just fair as my mum’

“am not talking of your physical appearance son”

“your good traits, your kind ways, your thoughtful says,”

“You have your mums heart, i won’t lie, I’m a bit jealous”

‘(this is too good to be true, but am just too curious)

‘many times i think of you, but honestly, i really don’t know you’

‘The Irony, when i open my mouth, saying i miss you’

“You’ve got your brothers and sisters, and i know your mums’ with you”

“most importantly, you’ve got the A’one bloodline flowing in your system too”

“you’ve got nothing to fear boy, only God, and then the man in the mirror”

The voice kept coming at me, covering all my sorrow

as soon as it was quiet, the pain struck back like an arrow

i can feel it stacking up high,weighing heavy like mount kilimanjaro

just imagine what i could do, to earn peace for tomorrow

and that’s when i realised, “the horror of today, paves way for the joy of tomorrow’

and ‘The sacrifices of today ease the sufferings of tomorrow’

‘the pain of today allows for the gain of tomorrow’

‘The tears of today unlocks the smile of tomorrow’

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