It’s been a sad journey from the dawn

My soul is depleting under the sun

The rays that should console are burning my lawn

Left to right it is fire burning from the ground

Politics of scars

We all bear the injuries to their lies

Falsehood of nobility, they won the nobel prize

Trips to London, they are always first in line

They say the lion’s heart will protect us when the storm comes

I guess we are doomed if the lions heart pilots the storm

It’s always raining under the sun but the tears does not fall from the sky

Soaked in the blood of the innocent, they enjoy their lives

We live through political scars

Chairs of responsibility are thrown outside the door

Our family tree is surviving on broken branches

While the roots are burning into ashes

We are growing apart, 60 years and counting

It puts me to tears watching my country die

Nigerians need a break, from all this political victimising

The political scars we bear continues to be horrifying

Too much silence is killing us from the inside

False news keep misinforming our conscience

To what crime have we committed to deserve such sentence

An overcrowded prison of mind for our nation’s citizens

Sight of belief, we live to only say goodbye

Rest in peace after peace–after peace, I wonder where is the peace

Prayer after prayers after prayers that the bloodshed should cease

Hopefully, we blindly call on hope to get us off our knees

AonePoetry ©May 2021.

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