The Isle of Growth

We look far but the next step is right in front
They say keep your head high, I say keep your head straight
Focus and vision are of two different constraint
The road you walk should not be a road to talk but rather a road to the top

The foundation to your success has been done
Five weeks of training with a little bit of fun
The experience has been worth it since day one
The sacrifices you made to continue along
Is all part of the journey to keep you strong

Success is a name but growth is the aim
Do not point your trigger at something you cannot claim
For when the fire burns you might not survive the flame
Needless to say stay firm and acclaim your name, build yourself so strong that even your shadow has a good name

A Positive attitude will never let you down
Obstacles are bound to come along your journey
They say “believe to achieve” and then you conceive
There is nothing wrong with taking a step back in order to make a leap

Today is tomorrow and yesterday you were prepared
If I can I will, then I should be willing today
For a delay today can reverse my preparations of yesterday
Thus, who I am now shall always remain the best of me each and every day

We look far but the next step is right in front
They say keep your head high, I say keep your head straight
Focus and vision are of two different constraint
The road you walk should not be a road to talk but rather a road to the top

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Hopeless Eyes

When hope is gone
The truth is lost
Innocence becomes victim to greed
At the end all we walk
Is the part to death

We call on hope
While using the wrong scope
We harm ourselves with our own antidote
We tell them not to hang us but we give them the ropes
What an irony of life, freedom bottled in a globe

I saw the pain in a child’s eye
A pain that could crumble all that is beneath the sky
A pain that would make a grown man cry
How could an infant be subjected to such a life
Where even death carries more peace than being alive

I see dark smokes in the near future
I fear we’ve lost the dreams of Martin Luther
I see red rivers flowing in the streets
The lack of peace could only break us to pieces
The pieces we have is being swept off its feet

If you think you are safe
Please do not be deceived
What you see might not be what it seem
I see cries in the hearts of the Youth
I fear for all, when they realise the truth

It is never too late to change
Be adviced not to provoke an outrage
What I saw in the eye of the child stroke my soul
I employ you to think of tomorrow
The joy you would derive from alleviating someone elses sorrow

A day lost cannot be found
A smile gone should not return with frawn
A life is to be lived not to be killed
A journey started today is planned yesterday
For a destination reached tomorrow shall not come forth with sorrow

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Abducted Soul

Another day another crisis that befalls our soul
I know it is difficult but how do we expect to survive in this cold
Some are dying to find Tuwo
While others are killing in the name of political control

Abduction news continue to increase
An economy our country has given birth to–off its sleeve
Mothers are in tears and on their knees
Your main focus was to abduct a bird for speaking the truth

The man behind the men behind the man
You might not be one of us, but humanity goes beyond a land
We are pleading with you to not kill because you can
We are a nation that should be united not divided by politicians and gunmen

We have been wronged’ is not a license to do wrong
It is not easy but we need to be strong
For ourselves and those weak we carry along
And one day, beside the Green White and Green we shall sing a happy song

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Remember When

Remember when I said I love you

When I looked into your eyes after we cuddled 

The morning I made breakfast before you left for office

You even uttered I make the best waffle

How could you forget, you had on a red shoe

I said to you, “that’s too much red boo…

Your flaming hotness matches with your shoe”

You replied “here you go with your silly jokes”

I know you remember, I came by to pick you from work

You made us stop by the store to get some groceries 

I even mentioned a joke that made you blush 

“Despite this vegetables being today fresh, 

my girl looks fresher and she’s just off from work”

How could you forget, It was a friday so we had a movie night 

I replaced your popcorns with the fake rubber ones 

One thing led to another and it became a pillow fight 

The next morning you woke up with a love bite 

You woke up and caught me writing a poem for you 

The poem states 

When it comes to you

I would move mountains to see you smile 

I would swim across the nile to hold your hands

I would wrestle an Anaconda to entertain you 

I would I would, yes I would 

I would love you until you tell me to stop 

Then I would love you more even after my heart stops”

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Break Me Down

They say tough love is the best love 

Where the only closure you get is that of a firm glove

If this is the love they claim to be the best

Why does it break me down, why does it scrape my heart

If this is love then why does it tear me apart

Life was never meant to be apples and roses 

Even the best of love tends to come with a motive

Just read between the lines, some cries are easier to notice

It is no surprise some tears drop like lotus

Especially when the love seems to be hocus pocus

A lot of bogus words are said in the name of love

Their palm might be clean but a lot of heart breaks on their glove

Yet they have the nerve to look one in the eye and call it true love

If this is love then why does it break me down

Why does it tear me apart, why does it turn my life around

It used to be the usual before you showed face 

Nothing fancy, but at least I sanely had my grace 

I tried my best to keep positive vibes around my space

Life was good and I was enjoying the race

I even had a smile on my face

Now I am insane and in need of grace

I dreamt of love and I found hate 

I had hopes we would ride through the golden gates

Not knowing I was just another food on your destructive plate

How could one hate to love and love to hate

Love comes in many form

For some it’s cold while others warm 

Some weather the storm while others enjoy the fun

They say’ true love could never harm

If the love is true, then why does it tear me apart

How difficult is it for one to be true to themself

It is true one need to have in order to give 

The moment you find love is when you begin to live

As much as it is a choice, why would you break a heart

You claim this is love, then why does it break me down

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

The TAOetry

To be is to be born
To live is to be alive
All things are born of being
Being is born of none being

The TAO is in me and you
The TAO moves within everything around you
The TAO is peace
The TAO provides love that does not cease

They say the road to enlightenment is always dark
The road that leads forward seems to go back
The road that leads direct has a longer path
The road of the TAO is that from your heart

The feeble minded will laugh when they hear the TAO
Should they not result to laughter it is not the TAO
The Average minded will be at a half believe of the TAO
The Superior minded will immediately begin to embody the TAO

The TAO is of everything but it comes from nothing
The TAO is a knowledge of self and being
He who understand it has wisdom
It does not come with force but it gives strength

He who is content is truly rich
He who gives himself for others shall live long
He who gives himself for the TAO lives for eternity
He who gives himself for no one lives a zero life

Elegance comes from diligence
True power they say seems weak
Steadfastness they say seems changeable
True purity they say seems tarnished

The greatest art seems unsuffiscated
The greatest love seems indifferent
The greatest wisdom seems childish
The greatest poem reads like this

To be is to be born
To live is to be alive
All things are born of being
Being is born of none being

COPYRIGHT © A-One Poetry, 2021.

Mr. Earnest

Mr. Earnest got entangled with dishonest
How ironic she was trying to earn a nest
They say life is bitch and she wears a dress
Before you fail her test, I suggest you listen to Mr. Earnest

She told me she was suffering from infertility
So I gave in to the cravings
Weekday afternoons at my place
Weekends at her place

It was so beautiful and simple
No emotions attached, like I was single
We do not go on dates but we do movie nights
We cuddle with a little bit of foreplay to stir up an appetite

I later found out she has a man
I was just a friend that could satisfy her romance
I did not care because I found out while deep in her trench
She always take me high up the mountain before releasing an avalanche

Funny it started up as a one night stand
The usual take care of business and scram
But this time around things didn’t go as planned
“They say when you go black you never go back”…I fell victim to my own card

We rehearsed a couple—many times to perfection
A faithful morning she woke me up to tell me she was pregnant
You must be kidding because that kid cannot be mine
We agreed, in fact you told me you could not conceive a child

Do not tell me to be responsible if what we have started off with a lie
I knew I should have ended it, the moment I knew you had a guy
But you trapped me in your box and seduced me with your charming eyes
I have told you once, I won’t again “I am not having a child”

You lied to me and cheated on him
You broke his heart and left him for me like it was nothing
Now you have the guts to say ‘you want us to start something’
There was never a thing to start, embrace this as our ending

Call me Mr. Earnest
I am never dishonest about being honest
Truth be told, despite the fun, I have been wanting to end this
We held a good friendship and you ruined it

Mr. Earnest got entangled with dishonest
How ironic she was trying to earn a nest
They say life is a bitch and she wears a dress
Before you fail her test, I suggest you take a lesson from Mr. Earnest



‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’
This quote requires a holster
No bullet nor gun, it is self triggered
Not your back nor front, in your shadow they whisper

Hate has its tone
So ignorant it seats on a throne
Ironically it looks innocent when alone
Give it light and it will devour your bones

The dark usually come at your mercy
It seduces you to think you are worthy
It is salty so it feeds you salt until you are thirsty
The moment you reach for water is when it begins to taste victory

Hate, they say speaks for savages
Behind that ambush of a white smile
Is a dark director that call scenes
Skip an act and you will fall on your knees

Your pain will bring them joy
Your tears will give them smiles
Your sorrow will give them satisfaction
Your death will give them life

You are not a fuel to one’s insecurity
Rather their hate should be a fuel to your prosperity
Life is but negative depending on your mentality
The choices you make would always shape your personality

‘Keep your friends close and enemies closer’
This quote requires a holster
No bullet nor gun, it is self triggered
Not your back nor front, in your shadow they whisper


Victim Cry(s)

A goal achieved is a goal defined 

They turn a blind eye to our victim cry 

Our innocence has been violated a countless times

And they expect us to keep putting the past behind 

Say No, Yes I have said so 

Then what next, is that enough though ?

What else do I need to do to make them know 

But is it enough that they know ?

Before your title you were human

How difficult is it to maintain that union 

Aside from peace what did you hope to conceive 

How ironic, anti-robbery becomes freedom thieves

United we should be by the bond of nature 

Nigeria lands our home, gardens and structure

We are united by a bond that renders you my brother/sister

Rather than being my killer, what does it take from you to be my savior

I plead with the humanity that resides within you 

Listen to the victims cry, deja Vu

It happened, it is happening, it will continue until you change your attitude 

Ignorance never solved any mystery, just ask scooby doo

I plead on behalf of my fellow citizens 

The force is out of hand and needs sincere discipline 

Do not go out of line, in the name of putting us in line 

ENDSARS is not a motion, It is a race that is determined to reach its finish line

A race cannot be finished behind the finish line 

Do not turn a blind eye to the victims cry

Their citizenship has been betrayed a thousand times

How ironic that he who is to bring an end, starts a beginning that leads to his end.


I am Alive

Fortunate but unfortunate tales remain to be told

How do you celebrate with so many deaths afloat 

Accomplished accomplishments 

That story could only be narrated as a joke 

Riddle me Nigeria at sixty

A black lady; I wonder if she looks pretty

With such disaster in her belly; I wonder if she will be happy

Despite her false CV; I guess she celebrates being guilty

To be optimistic we can celebrate being alive 

But the memories of our dead should not be out of sight

Say a prayer or two for the Heroes who laid down their lives

Nigeria after sixty, be glad to be alive