Folk Tale

Free as a bird

I can, I will, I tried

One will think I got tired

Silence is gold

Peace that was told

A piece of truth that they stole

The old is wise

The revolution need – be televised

A means of control that – be lies

The future is near

That brings a man’s heart to fear

Crumbling like the lion is there

How the mighty has fallen

Like some greats that crumbled

The mountains shall never tumble

Free as a bird

I can, I will, I tried

One will think I got tired


February 16th

Oh Yes, democracy

What a saint title for hypocrisy

I mean 51% a vote gains victory

Is that democracy or majority rule sympathy

No test of knowledge, nor sense of morality

that is why we keep repeating history

Seeking for a different result using the same method

Logically we should learn from each election

We only have ONE home and it needs protection

Don’t tell me you have no affection…

To this beautiful nation of ours that needs correction

Nigeria 2019, it is time for redemption

Close your eyes and say NO to all the temptation

United shall we stand despite our imperfections

With the Strength of the Eagle,

Dignity of our Horses,

And the Black Shield that soils our people

Let’s make February 16th, revolutionary

So as we sail forward , we sail in victory.


Good Company

Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives.

There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish

when you let go of or at least minimize your time with draining,



not-going-anywhere relationships.

Observe the relationships around you.

Pay attention.

Which ones lift and which ones lean?

Which ones encourage and which ones discourage?

Which ones are on a path of growth uphill and which ones are going downhill?

When you leave certain people do you feel better or feel worse?

Which ones always have drama or don’t really understand, know, or appreciate you?

The more you seek quality,



peace of mind,

love and

truth around you…

The easier it will become for you to decide

who gets to sit in the front row and

who should be moved to the balcony of your life.




Day by day 

Baby steps at the bay 

One day at a time

one day you will be out of time

Today not tomorrow 

for later might be sorrow 

I can I will

Regardless the blood & sweat I spill

Discipline is a motto 

Lets paint it as 2019 The Photo

Negativity will always linger 

A fuel that makes the brave stronger

26 years they had Nelson Mandela 

A determined soul shall always prosper 

1 mouth & 2 Ears, probability says it all

Ye that is wise, knows ye does not know it all

but Ye that is dumb does not know, ye does not know at all.



Ishmael Borngreat (A Journey)

Beaten down to the floor 

The good side of life was never at my door 

A slim string of hope I had to hold strong

..thoughts……how many shoes I could fix in a day 

I have tried this and that but it never paved a way 

today and tomorrow under the minimum wage 

covered all day in glue and polish stains 

walking miles neglecting the pains 

however little, I just needed the gains 

to survive in a world where all is for the taking 

where everyone only cares about what they’re making

a little act of kindness would always be breathtaking 

I have always remained humble and it paid off

the light shined on me and I stood up

with open an mind I woke up

“opportunity comes but once in a lifetime”

very opportune I am for mine to come in my prime

I worked hard, I worked smart, I worked overtime 

Now I rest to see how strong a support my ladder has for me to climb

who knew from being a full-time Cobbler 

I will go to school and graduate as a first class Scholar 



The Birds or The Fox

As I stand up facing the lake

I raise my hands up to say my grace

The beauty I see just amazes my face

One water United as it takes its race

I ask the lord to put me up high with the greats

But I know first off, I need to buckle my lace

Deep breath, as the wind flows in space

Sun Shine, it is time to pick up the pace

“No looking back, no need to look back from where I came”

Said the birds that flew over from where I gaze

Eyes blink at the emotional bubble within  Bouillabaisse

I thank God as I go down to my knees

while I picture the killings, I thought of my niece

Why is it so hard? all we ask for is peace

Rain drops as the river flows with speed

Livestock smiles to the rain as they feed

Live long to see tomorrow is all that it seeks

Rain stops, while the butterfly wakes up from sleep

A true beauty that is unique with every breed

Nature blossom is a pretty  one indeed

“worry not little one, in this life you will succeed”

said a Fox to his son as they walk by the stream

I look up in wisdom as I stand up to my feet

BooHoo Haha, like it is Halloween.


A Dream

I have dreamt a dream

but not the dream has come for me 

the visions I see remains blurry in my memory

for I have sin 

the darkness has come to hunt me 

the contents of my memory has rendered me a victim 

the power of choice that fuels our lives with purpose 

as we live in hope, we take away from reality 

the man in the mirror was never meant to look at me

as the visions begin to get clear, life gets a little scarier 

black or white, I think Micheal jackson said it better 

when they control your fear, it gives them more power

gracefully as we all go to sleep 

somewhere under the sky as the sleep gets deep 

rah rah! noises that scared away my dream 

four eyes have seen 

the darkness have commit to taunt me 

the visions I have seen remains blurry in my memory 

I have dreamt a dream 

and now the dream has come for me.


Victim of Love


They say love do last forever 

till you fall victim and wonder 

when no where to be found is your lover 

the race for relationship goals get darker

the vibe begins to fade as time goes faster 

emotions and feelings getting weaker 

conversations starts to get shorter 

the image in the mirror less clearer

which way to go in search for peace 

while searching as the rain wets my feet

but the sound strikes with pain 

a feeling worst than heart break 

They say “to love is to sacrifice”

but I have been through many stages of that game 

It tend to always end with nothing to claim 

so I hold my tears in, but it is raining today

a sad story that is ready to unfold

can I bargain on how much pain I could hold

such a beautiful…

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