The painter

A paint brush can paint a picture

ones’ twist that gets the mind richer

bunch of colours to a certain structure

all it takes is the right mixture

and the mind could create its theatre

past worries gone and life getting better

the mind throws out unwanted folders

one begins to keep positive composure

black and white as the paint brush over

life lessons comes but like a rollercoaster

grab the brush cause to your life you are the owner

If your life was human, would you paint it ?


The Different

life gives you choices that are sometimes magnificent

you see between you and I, I am a lot different

we inhale and exhale just to live another moment

some blow trees while some blow cigaret

what ever the case maybe, some still live to regret

that feeling that comes from inside sometimes lead to hatred

and thats where we differ but I am not trying to be ignorant

I always say life is a bitch but we are all under her influence

in this world we live we only have one assurance

life or death, and there is no insurance

which is why I live by now, cause now is always my present

A gift from my maker, with a little attachment

its just different between you and I in every life segment

Book of Life


life is a book

and you need to read her,

you could call her ‘The Quran’


she is going to

make you a believer

You can deny the truth

You can resist her

But has she ever given

You a reason to diss her

Who You Are

I know you want to see me fall

All the backbiting isn’t going to get me gone

I know life is harsh but we have to be strong

A lone wolf in the jungle, never has to run

open your brain and you can see pass the storm

stay away from the hating, it only brings mental harm

It is like a virus that eats you one by one

you are bigger than who you are,

you represent your grand fathers son

you need to look beyond yourself, today was once tomorrow

so I ask you, who you are ?

Why Do They Keep Pushing Me

why do they keep pushing me

I thought we’re family,

you’ all should be supporting me

when I take the wrong route’ correcting me

when I say the wrong things’ coaching me

when I fall off my feet’ lifting me

when I get hurt’ comforting me


why do they keep pushing me

I thought we’re friends,

you’ all should be standing right beside me

when I get into a fight, you fight for me

when I mess up in life, you cover for me

when I break the code, you hug and forgive me

when I am lonely, you are lonely with me


why do they keep pushing me

I thought you’re my girl,

you should be comforting me

when I cry, you cry with me

when I am sad, you bring the happy out of me

when I am negative, you push your positive inside of me

when I break your heart, you listen to my apology

cause when I am in love…, I want only you beside me



Light of Greatness

I can hear my phone ring, who is calling me

upon checking I see “Greatness”

I am like who is this ?…Greatness calling me!?

I had only two options

the Green or the Red button


but before i dig in

I ask the question “Why me”?

mean while the phone is still ringing

a different thought came up to me while standing

cracking my brain trying to understand it

…..Time is passing

the phone will not forever be ringing

delete the fears and grab on to the handle

I picked up the phone and answered it

and all went dark for a second

I was scared

thinking of whom to call upon for help

I proceeded and said “hello” trying to overcome my fears

suddenly I saw a light blinking from far

I looked at it, I stared at it but yet it did not come

I was alone in my thoughts,

It was like I alone supported my thoughts

I started walking towards the light as it gets brighter

a storm came from the middle of no where


The wind pushed me, lightening struck me, the rain washed me

I looked back, it was all clear, no storm

I looked forward I could not see anything but the light

my heart was sprinting and my brain began to freeze

I had two only options

I could turn back, and settle to where I knew

or I could continue forward to reach the light I wanted to achieve

Yet again, Time and Resources are not by my side

So I sailed upon my destination heading North

closer and closer and closer I got to the light

The less turbulence began to decrease

my movement began to come with ease

Finally, I reached the light and everything else turned bright


Light of greatness is never far from your sight

If you waste time, who knows when you will die

whatever course you take, has challenges, such is life

Choice is an irony of success, you would have to take time to decide

and if time is not by your side, who’s side is choice ?




What is “Love”

Romance is overrated

Love is underrated

A relationship now is something that is hated

it is scary how being in love is outdated

everything now has to be romantic or it’s not wanted

parents and kids all out to get their animal side inflated

Everyone’s relationship status is complicated

This logic of theirs’ is cemented you cannot even debate it

They’ve fallen victim to the system, how do we save them


Romance is overrated

Love is underrated

the norm has become old skull

the terms are now in favour of their rule

the word “Love” has been diminished down to a tool

“I love you’ only to get what I need off/of you”

after that we are through

They say ‘we need to be politically correct’

I personally am not a politician so that statement, I neglect

remember, Not every good idea makes sense

but no good idea is nonsense



Human Pride

It has never always been about me

I woke up feeling good and a little lucky

first thing I do is look up and say Thank You

A little flash back in time, won’t hurt you

they say” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

what doesn’t harm you?…does it make you any weaker

When you dig deep – the people you affect around you

what if you don’t affect them, does that make them losers

it could be that their life challenges is even greater

This life we seem to play about with is like a movie theatre

everyone has their role to play and there is no director

good or bad a scene the camera keeps rolling

It is left to you to make right of the past and keep moving

some deny their mistakes which is very amusing

they make you believe this is what it means to be a human being

They come at you with certificates and logic

“This world has existed for millions of years” no it haven’t

This world started existing the day you were born

Using their logic, that is how history gets reformed

take a look, what they did to the bible

they fool around with your brain using numbers, calling you dumb

Yes, he is a professor but that does not say he cannot be wrong

This movie of ours shifted from Romance and adventure to thriller, sci-fi and drama

For one to be right, it has to be shown on paper

we have devalued the human brain like a wild creature

we look down too much, I think we need to start looking up

open your eyes and mind a little, we need to wake up

Ignorance + arrogance = greedy people’ and that needs to stop

first step, look around and appreciate what you have

being Thankful leads to sharing

They say “sharing is caring”, and that is how we look after one another.

Love Goldmine

I woke up this morning thinking about you

nothing surprising since my heart longs for you

but it is surprising the things I could do for you

I never saw this type of feeling coming from the blue

I cannot say how you feel, but if you were in my shoes

you would see how my heart is juicing out like some BBQ

I mean its jumping happy like a kangaroo

Baby girl your love taste like honeydew **Wink

I could never see it coming even through a deja vu

The way you got me, it’s like you did some magic or voodoo

I mean you got my heart on a love curfew

all I want is to see you happy

funny how I think of your happiness before mine

I just want to see you fly and shine

what’s going on between us is something I cannot define

I hope and wish it has no deadline

and also hope and wish our feelings never decline

right now I am smiling ‘thinking of our bloodline’

if gold was happiness, baby girl you are my everlasting goldmine

Life’s Journey

I know tomorrow is not promised but I hope it is

This life we are living is merely lucks and guesses

Heaven or hell, nobody knows what the address is

The journey, if you look at it is really scary

Not saying it cannot be roses and berries

We are slaves to this journey and the loads it carry


It is only right for you to be worried

When you find yourself powerless to a current situation

As time goes by, the load gets more heavy


At first the emotions, you try to bury

Hoping to find for yourself a sanctuary

You remember the saying “every condition is temporary”

But yours just continues to becomes more deadly

Your circle begins to turn smaller and messy

Happiness and peace starts to seem like a camp fire story

Your tolerance begins to drop and patience…

…you’re on the verge of having none

Your struggles have just began

Everything seems dark, you cannot even recognise the sun


Giving up seems to be the best option

You have screamed and cried and even tried using a gun


But inside, you know you cannot give the devil what he wants

Your thoughts and actions begin to get distorted

Sleep now for you is very limited

Everybody else around seems happy and to their life committed

Your pain ignored, it means nothing to them


You begin to wish for death to come

Your emotions begins to go numb

The weather for you comes with a heavy storm

But you are just one under the same weather

One with his own problems

One that is not flawless

One that is on a journey filled with rules but yet lawless

Snowfall in Shimla

In time of sorrow do not only think of yourself

Think of everyone else

Use the energy of people around you but stay cautious

Do not let your emotions get the best of you and go thoughtless

Always be loyal to your fault and remain honest

You are but one tree inside a mighty forest

The journey is awful, the road is spooky from morning to night

To survive you need to understand LEFT and RIGHT

And one day EVERYTHING will be ALRIGHT

Welcome to the journey of life where it is DARK but you have to stand up to see LIGHT