Me Juliet (Made for You)

Baby I love you

I never said this but I miss you

all the fun we had boo

and the damages that we could do

our part crossed and we became glued

a heart that is hungry for just you

you have never felt this kind of love, True

you came around and I felt you

could not imagine a me without you

I look into the mirror it’s you

you look into the mirror its who?


your eyes

Those thighs

You…! shake up my whole life

7 billion, yet no one could match your smile

pure heart and it’s all mine

I think I am catching feelings from deep inside

her love overshadows me like the blue sky

her beauty has me hypnotised

You are the key to if I survive

or commit a suicide

A living Romeo and Juliet in disguise

fear not for your sorrows are wiped out

my love is open, make my heart your new hideout

baby girl, this is forever – there is no timeouts

so sit back, and relax, and watch me go all out





Choice (Married to Life)

He who gives you hope

needs not give you scope

Like the sirens life is always blue and red

do not worry, It’s only right to be scared


The light could never shine without the dark

the balance is intertwined just open your mind

From the moon and dawn shall be the sun

from the womb came you, then your son

As time goes, are you surviving to be alive

or are you alive to survive

she plays mind games to test your pride

she is such a beauty, but yet so wild

I call her destiny, you call her ‘Life’

Is it the same with life, you treat your spouse

before you answer, think twice

not all choices are there for you to make

some choices are only available to take




Dark Pain

I know you’re looking down on me

the turbulence

even the weather frowns on me

the rain cries with me

the wind blows the pain

but it always comes right back at me

the feeling is mean

even happy don’t smile at me

the light doesn’t shine on me

I walk into the kitchen

I cook my pain

but it poisons my spirit

everyone is distant

I walk mine alone

the whole distance

dead or alive

I don’t even know’

why I am living



Heart’s Sorrow

This feeling is reckless

a thin line between selfish and heartless

we should be past this stage,

our relationship needs to progress

yet you distance your love from me

you say I am “X” to you but treat me the opposite

I know your feelings come first,

but does mine even matter to you

imagine all the pain you have put me through

This feeling is reckless

a thin line between selfish and heartless

the tears that follow

every inch of my sorrow

the pain I carry today

only to multiply tomorrow

but that is none of your concern, right ?!

It seems all my pain does is entertain you

Well, I am glad I could do something for you.




The painter

A paint brush can paint a picture

ones’ twist that gets the mind richer

bunch of colours to a certain structure

all it takes is the right mixture

and the mind could create its theatre

past worries gone and life getting better

the mind throws out unwanted folders

one begins to keep positive composure

black and white as the paint brush over

life lessons comes but like a rollercoaster

grab the brush cause to your life you are the owner

If your life was human, would you paint it ?

The Different

life gives you choices that are sometimes magnificent

you see between you and I, I am a lot different

we inhale and exhale just to live another moment

some blow trees while some blow cigaret

what ever the case maybe, some still live to regret

that feeling that comes from inside sometimes lead to hatred

and thats where we differ but I am not trying to be ignorant

I always say life is a bitch but we are all under her influence

in this world we live we only have one assurance

life or death, and there is no insurance

which is why I live by now, cause now is always my present

A gift from my maker, with a little attachment

its just different between you and I in every life segment

Book of Life


life is a book

and you need to read her,

you could call her ‘The Quran’


she is going to

make you a believer

You can deny the truth

You can resist her

But has she ever given

You a reason to diss her

Who You Are

I know you want to see me fall

All the backbiting isn’t going to get me gone

I know life is harsh but we have to be strong

A lone wolf in the jungle, never has to run

open your brain and you can see pass the storm

stay away from the hating, it only brings mental harm

It is like a virus that eats you one by one

you are bigger than who you are,

you represent your grand fathers son

you need to look beyond yourself, today was once tomorrow

so I ask you, who you are ?

Why Do They Keep Pushing Me

why do they keep pushing me

I thought we’re family,

you’ all should be supporting me

when I take the wrong route’ correcting me

when I say the wrong things’ coaching me

when I fall off my feet’ lifting me

when I get hurt’ comforting me


why do they keep pushing me

I thought we’re friends,

you’ all should be standing right beside me

when I get into a fight, you fight for me

when I mess up in life, you cover for me

when I break the code, you hug and forgive me

when I am lonely, you are lonely with me


why do they keep pushing me

I thought you’re my girl,

you should be comforting me

when I cry, you cry with me

when I am sad, you bring the happy out of me

when I am negative, you push your positive inside of me

when I break your heart, you listen to my apology

cause when I am in love…, I want only you beside me



Light of Greatness

I can hear my phone ring, who is calling me

upon checking I see “Greatness”

I am like who is this ?…Greatness calling me!?

I had only two options

the Green or the Red button


but before i dig in

I ask the question “Why me”?

mean while the phone is still ringing

a different thought came up to me while standing

cracking my brain trying to understand it

…..Time is passing

the phone will not forever be ringing

delete the fears and grab on to the handle

I picked up the phone and answered it

and all went dark for a second

I was scared

thinking of whom to call upon for help

I proceeded and said “hello” trying to overcome my fears

suddenly I saw a light blinking from far

I looked at it, I stared at it but yet it did not come

I was alone in my thoughts,

It was like I alone supported my thoughts

I started walking towards the light as it gets brighter

a storm came from the middle of no where


The wind pushed me, lightening struck me, the rain washed me

I looked back, it was all clear, no storm

I looked forward I could not see anything but the light

my heart was sprinting and my brain began to freeze

I had two only options

I could turn back, and settle to where I knew

or I could continue forward to reach the light I wanted to achieve

Yet again, Time and Resources are not by my side

So I sailed upon my destination heading North

closer and closer and closer I got to the light

The less turbulence began to decrease

my movement began to come with ease

Finally, I reached the light and everything else turned bright


Light of greatness is never far from your sight

If you waste time, who knows when you will die

whatever course you take, has challenges, such is life

Choice is an irony of success, you would have to take time to decide

and if time is not by your side, who’s side is choice ?