Something Scary

I sighted the devil crying

His tears drip like the roar of a lion 

The scenery was terrifying


I asked “why are you crying ?” 

The answer I got was scary 

To think even the devil is weeping 


What have we gotten ourselves into

This tragedy did not just come out the blue

His response “Humans do not need me”


He exclaimed “They have rendered my purpose redundant

Look around there is too much human devils in abundance 

The only job I have is taken away from me by Humans 


Mass murders and Kidnappings, I enjoyed it 

Self hate by hating everyone different, I orchestrated it 

This people worshiped me for power & wealth 


Today they worship each other and kill themselves 

What annoys me, no one waits for me to commit crimes

Not even an advice, no one calls on me to consult 


I remember the days when they use my name as an excuse

Now when they call my name they refer to me as a fool 

Look what the world has turned into, I cannot even do this, my methods are oldskull 


Every verb used today is immoral or criminal 

Holy men that fought me are now competing with me 

Using the name of God they forged their rituals 


Tell me why not to cry 

I wish I could take the blame for today but that will be a lie 

My name used to bring fear, but now they hear my name and sigh


I could never lie in God’s name 

I might be the king in hell but there are games I don’t play

To humans waiting on me has become lame


This should scare you 

The little good you have should be scared too

Because the devils of today are more scary

Love Scuffle

My Love

I know we have not been as intended

Our relationship stepped down from its harmony

I can see you are questioning our certainty

We used to have the best love stories

Our history should not be made history

Our relationship needs to revive its glory

Your name shall remain immortal in my diary


The mornings I wake up next to you

And we cuddle On each other like tattoo

Eventually I run into you

We mourn and yawn for more…


Every morning you sun my sunflower

Every evening you are seated on my sky scrapper

Every second of the day you are my hearts appetizer

We go back and forth but we never get tired


Such a journey is far from an end

Our relationship could only ascent

We have grown beyond the typecast of Boy & Girlfriend

Not even Romeo & Juliet, Jack & Rose could out Romance us


Baby girl I miss you

I know it is only been a couple minutes since our fight

Life is just not the same without you

For others it takes hours or days, Baby it’s seconds when it comes to you


Since you walked through the door

It completely shook my core

That was the first time I heard you roar

My heart naturally turned sour


My love I need you back with me

…While writing, I heard my phone ring

“Hello babe”, she said

“Would you like me to get you anything ? I stopped to get some groceries”


My heart skipped a bit hearing her voice

Immediately I begin to rejoice

“Nothing love but my usual favorite choice”

“Hurry up baby, and bring yourself back to me”


Our journey continues

In just a couple minutes, whatever is no longer an issue

Our love built a trust that became lust

Which makes it easier to forgive the others mishap


Finally, my baby is home

Kindred hearts we are never alone

“I am sorry about earlier, It shall not happen again”

“Come baby, Let me put some ice cream in your cone”


Poem Cry

Every Challenge carries A double L 

No losses when life is a Living Hell 

So remember, before you accept that L 

A bigger picture might spell it ALL


We Live to Learn 

As we Learn to Earn 

Rhetorically we Earn to Live

But sometimes the process cuts a little/much too deep


Hence, It is only right we shed a couple tears 

I put myself in your shoes and I fell to the floor 

I tried to express my concerns but that conversation went ‘out the door 

So I put it in writing but the paper grieved my pain in tears


Life can be mean 

But the journey do come with zings 

You either get eaten by a shark or catch the biggest fish at sea

Thus, instead of my eye, I let the poem cry

One too many tears that could start a pond

For every Fish witnesses the storm

Even underneath water, it do rain

No limit to where pain can’t go, even my Poem Cries.






There is always an irony to life 

The caterpillar needs to die to become a butterfly

It transforms from a snailly form of eww!

To a wingy form of Awww!


The Irony that remains 

Is for the soul that never changed 

For your limited life where do you stand ?

Karma has an irony that visits when you become sand 


Search for your metaphor in poetic justice

Like a game of dice, it comes like your chances of double six

A satire in every win

Emotions but memory contains the heavy deeds


In this universe 

Poetry I see in every little thought

One come and go but life never stops

Karma is a bitch and it’s never her fault


Today patience lacks attitude

Mockery has become a self fulfilling fortitude 

An irony in every longitude and latitude 

Am I running from every long attitude that outlast my attitude ?


Karma does not allow one to cheat life

Such an irony even death cannot cheat life 

A short parody of life can be rolled in one dice

Unlike life, like the dice chances might come twice


I seek the poetry in this universe 

I see the Irony that is this universe 

Karma remains a bitch in every poetic parody

Thus, for the paradise in life, I claim my universe ‘The Poeticverse’




The golden Charmer

Knighted child in golden armor

Mattered not should ye be son to a farmer

A lawyer, doctor or even a Governor

The circle of life never existed in only one harbour

Yet this reality can be manipulated by a charmer


Knighted child in golden armor

Life seemed flexible from every angle in the mirror

Once away from the shadows of leisure

One would find the storm had never been heavier

Ye had only been sheltered under the family umbrella


A tradition of cosset

Shielded from all obstacles from birth

Ye’s Kindred meant no harm but good

Little did they forget the jungle is made of different woods

Some might be hard, and some soft

Ones Texture dictates the rationale behind his growth


A tradition of cosset

A facade to the feeble minded

A misplacement of value

Such tender a generation where trust weighs more than truth

A rooted foundation that warps our youth


Stories are told

Yet the truth remains to unfold

If the ultimate power is control

Then, a knighted child was only a means to a certain goal

How destructive a force yet attractive like gold


A knighted child in golden armor

Fell victim to the tradition of cosset

In plain sight is the absence of physical harm

While being ignorant to the notion of mental and emotional wants

To survive, the golden child needs to develop his personal charm



One More Miles

When the road seems dark

and the storm begins to hound at you

thunder after thunder that forced your eyes to rain a drop or two

when all hope is by the edge 

the least of your pain is your head

when your life seems pointless 

it becomes very easy for you to lose your focus


Everything becomes personal

A little banter and you feel insulted 

the available ears doesn’t seem to listen 

so you become reckless and your attitude careless

You ponder about death but it is not an option


You start to think to yourself why life isn’t fair 

you somehow have the strength but the energy has disappeared 

the storm gets heavier and no one seems to care

you start to hope for light from any angle 

“You will get a different mind frame when you have been through the jungle”


Your stress turns into depression

A little misunderstanding turns into aggression 

you begin to lose all hopes on salvation

now your daily routine is just going through the motion

where every second of the day you are in your emotions


You should not count what you have lost

For counting will not alter your past

The future is unknown 

A reality that awaits to be foretold

Shall Ye keep Ye head high, Ye has one more mile to go


With patience comes perseverance 

but to begin with, your situation needs your wholehearted acceptance 

if whatever pain is temporary 

it is only right you strive relentless for your happiness

because this is your journey, and you have one more mile to go



I Can

I am mean

I am ruthless 

I am  toothless 

but my bites do sting 

Yes, I am Life 


I can take away your joy for fun

Ruin your day because I am bored

put you in a bad mood and trot

and when you ask “why me ?

I smile and say

Because I Can


You love me and hate me at the same time

At times You wish you could leave me but your only option is suicide 

You ever wondered if your death affects me ?

While thinking, did you ever wonder if I actually exist.

It might seem like I am toying with your thoughts

Thats only possible because I can


Under the worst weather I can make you happy

Behind the scenes I can make people proud of you

when you’re lonely I can accompany you

when you’re Ill I can treat you

we would run short on ink listing things I can do for you


I might be mean but I am also munificent

I might be ruthless but I am also nonviolent

I might be toothless but I am not blunt

Yes, my bite might sting, but my smile does more miracles than magic

because I can 

because I am Life!



Forbidden Fruit

We sort each other from far

I knew I found love when I saw you from across the bar

You ignited my heart beat

I could not control myself, next thing I found me on my feet

walking towards you gradually as I think

nothing meaningful, your beauty was all is could see

“excuse me young lady, you mind I make an order for two?”

“Never mind.  Hey waiter, hit us up with what she is having X 2”

I looked into her eyes and all I saw was cute

a dazzling phenomena of beauty “I hope I am not trespassing”

“Forgive my boldness, If I may

I sighted you from far and I could not look away 

I was hoping for a little chat and exchange of names”

“What might I call you before I fumble my game”

with a little smile, she looked at me and said

“I admire your boldness, You sure do have taste”

“I have been through this circle, and I am not about willing to make that mistake”

I felt the thunder rush through my veins

“I could preach to you how different I am, but I guess that could only add mayhem”

“Girl, you are such an astonishing beauty to the eye

This is something I cannot deny.”

“I am sure if God was human, He would have kept you for himself”

“You are such a dazzling figure to ignore”

“Give me a month or two, so we get to know each other”

“I am A’one by name.”

“You mind sliding me your phone so I could key down my number”

She smiled and said “my name is Eve, I will give you a text

Also I will hold you to your words, so please do not disappoint”

Her smile gave me goosebumps

Her beauty extends beyond poems.

she looked me in the eye like she wanted me to do something

then she stood up and said “You made me smile despite my bad mood”

“I hope to see you again sometime soon”

I quickly interjected “How about tomorrow late afternoon ?”

She exclaimed “Sounds like a plan”

she took few steps toward the exit and turned, “It was really nice to meet You A’One.”



20 Questions (it’s Never too late)

What happened to the Human Sanity

How would things change in my community

Why do we have to suffer from our FAMILY TREE

Where could we find ourselves peace

When can we put ourselves on the right side of history

What happened to our Human Will

How did we allow them dwindle our humanity

Why do we have to suffer from our FAMILY TREE

Where can we go in search of harmony

When do we gear up to revamp our society

What happened to Human Love

How difficult is it to find joy

Why do you use your pain as a reason to destroy

Where in your journey did you lose hope

When will you be ready to embrace your people not just the ones at home

What happened to your Human Rights

How did you let it fly off like a kite

Why are you always waiting for someone to take control of your life

Where inside you can you awaken the fight

When will you be ready to experience Life!


We are not promised tomorrow 

neither are we today 

the feeling that comes with glory 

only but leave one with worry 

time is yet everlasting 

despite the one true certainty 

to be dead one must be alive 

one true reality we all hide 

we all aspire for peace 

something good deep down within 

but life without drama 

an adventure for each saga 

it’s like joy without happiness 

living without progress 

growth is what we should aspire 

a goal that does not expire 

that is life at a maximum desire 

live first, then leave after