Tussle with Pressure

I know you are afraid of the stars 

I can see the depression right through your eyes

It has put you down and left you with scars 

I can see the pain as you blow the smokes through your cigar 

I could be your angel but this journey is for one 

I will be right here where you left me when all is set and done

I will always be there for you till the end 

whatever challenge, it could only shake us but never break us 

done are the days when a ‘say’ could come between us 

A bond this strong, ask zelda about ‘Doku tree’

No matter the load, I know you will break free

don’t listen to them, your struggles is my cup of tea

if I am the door then you are the key 

even when I am alone, you are with me 

However dangerous, the beauty of the ocean is something to see 

no matter the pain, I still see the smile in the frowns you put for me 

from the roots is where we build the branches to our family tree 

no matter the storm all we shed off is some leafs 

remember our dance moves when we hear the sound of the wind 

whatever the pressure, it could never get through our skin

Life experience has moulded us through what we have been 

life lessons we witness through every scene 

with time comes patience and whatever it is becomes history 



Life is a Lesson

It had to start

Even while you are asleep

Nothing stops

The sun rises and fall

Kids are born while people die

The journey is none stop

Till your heart stops beating

We all are slaves to reality, everyone is a victim

It has never been about pain, or the hustle,

It is never about the gain or victory, Life is all about the lesson

No matter the storm life only comes in one season

It will hit you hard and leave you with no reason

Yes it’s a struggle but you can choose to stop bleeding


Victim of Love

They say love do last forever 

till you fall victim and wonder 

when no where to be found is your lover 

the race for relationship goals get darker

the vibe begins to fade as time goes faster 

emotions and feelings getting weaker 

conversations starts to get shorter 

the image in the mirror less clearer

which way to go in search for peace 

while searching as the rain wets my feet

but the sound strikes with pain 

a feeling worst than heart break 

They say “to love is to sacrifice”

but I have been through many stages of that game 

It tend to always end with nothing to claim 

so I hold my tears in, but it is raining today

a sad story that is ready to unfold

can I bargain on how much pain I could hold

such a beautiful thing but dangerous as it grow

I fell victim to what love beholds 

I fell victim and it punished my soul



I know you think the source of my joy is you

I have been around and now I have you

I have tried not, never to neglect you

I have dug from deep down just to love you

I felt it in your heart every time I hug you

I see it in your eyes every time I’m with you

I sense it your spirit every time I kiss you

Since day one I’ve tried never to doubt you

I don’t know how it is I wake and find you

I close my eyes and I dream you

I open my eyes and I see you

What…how….why is it always just you

I have seen the so called world beauties and they ain’t you

Even from far they cannot match you

They’ll play the game of statistics but their sum cannot add you

They could be canceled with only a fraction of you

Should it be a blessing for me to have you

The challenge of love has in-prisoned me and you

Should I escape I will escape with you

Should I be cured I will cure you

Should I fall it will always be for you

I look into the mirror and I love you

I look away and I miss you

I know both you and I are lucky to have you



Mindset for success

I feel in love with success

I feel in love with progress

I had to deal with experience

It showed me the road to excellence

I had to break up with bad friends

I needed to say no to bad influence

I began to cuddle myself with growth

And the beauty of success began to show

Every morning and night I learn

Every morning and night I earn

The moment I decided to cheat

Was the time I went backwards with my dream

I had to trust the process

For only then did I see progress

And only then could I reach the peak of success

Like a general I was on a mission

Sole purpose to execute my vision

I came across some obstacles

Wins and losses that gave me a better view

Your network spells your net worth

So I had to find contacts that show support

Back in the days they preach hard-work

Nowadays they preach smart-work

Time does not speak to everyone

So, do not live life like anyone.


June 11 (A Great’s Day)

Wherever the word greatness goes 

your name shall follow 

One of deep mind 

yet on the surface not shallow 

a father indeed 

whom we ought to follow

A mastermind from the Lord above 

blessed is he, to him we say Bravo 

A day of joy, the day ye was born 

It is only right we celebrate but not only till dawn

one so great is forever cherished and adored 

fortunate is we’ whom look up to you as sons and daughters

May everyday start and end for you with smiles and laughters 

one so special, Thank You for being our father 

With the best of wishes I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY 

May you always remain covered with 

the blessings and protection of Almighty Allah. 


Heart In Pieces

I gave you my heart

you shattered it to pieces

I gave you my time

you ignored it

I tried to show you love

but you neglect me

in respect to freedom

I shall let-you-be

the sorrow my heart shall carry

in time the pain shall vary

but the memory is something I cannot bury

the sleepless nights

remembering the freight

how we crashed

why did you even say “yes”

I was slave to nature

your smiles with no make up

you said I was funny, like a stand up

now I see, it was all a setup

you had me wrapped in your hands’ like a teacup

I guess the heat I came with was not enough

saying bye before it began is really tough

one two..three four…just put me in handcuffs

I have tried this thing called ‘Love’

and have nothing to show for

the beauty, the adventure, the…is all in short-run

Alone I mend my pieces

Never again shall someone put it back to pieces


Love Conversation


what is a love affair with just a couple tears 

she said she is feeling kind of lonely 

her heart pumps for mine only 

she said she is cold, “baby can you hold me?” 

it is getting kind of dark can you stay closely 

beside you she said “baby I feel so cozy”

“I have got a lot going on, so I need you beside me”

she reached out..”Baby can you hold me –

your hands locked with mine makes me feel holy” 

she looked me in the eye and said 

“baby do you love me ?”

If I wasn’t here with you, “would you miss me ?”

I know you won’t let me down, 

all I need is you as my trophy 

she leans on my chest and said 

“baby if I break down –

will you catch my…

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Thinking Souls


she used to be the apple of my eye

one I could give it up all for without thinking twice

the only light in my dark, she shines even at night

never cared if we’ were wrong, in my heart she’s right

O yes! she broke my heart (sigh)..shit, I call it life

I know I am not perfect, but I am usually the one you call at night

talk about this and that, till your eyes close and you are out of sight

welcome to the dream world, it’s looking like paradise

it’s just me and you now, how do you want to roll the dice

It’s obvious a simple roll would suffice

yet you over think it, saying my heart is as cold as ice

a perfect moment crushed

a percentage of the feelings lost

a part of my heart tossed

guess my heart has now’ defrost


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